Even after keeping charging for 30 mins. December 12, at I thought it was the room temperature or something possibly. After switching it in, the computer booted right up. No blinking amber light.

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Is there something wrong with my power supply that it is killing the battery everytime?

A Blinking Orange Power Light

If you get blinky orange light, the first thing to test is the power supply. February 24, at 3: I just really want this light to stop compaq sr5130nx.

If the issue comes up again — what kind of PSU as specific as possible, please should I be looking compaq sr5130nx After switching it in, the computer booted right up. The power light on the front blinks.

A Blinking Orange Power Light

Got the orange blinking light syndrome. And one another said that battery needs to be replaced no problem in motherboard. Long Island Computer Repair. Retrieved from ” https: So I read about the rebooting of the wr5130nx protector or trying a different wall outlet and that new trick brought me success…I beat the darn blinking light for the second time! I bought it 5months back only. I took the CPU out and put it compaq sr5130nx and now the HD light comes on and compaq sr5130nx green, but the main power button light stays amber.

I have just had the same problem. I went away for a year compaq sr5130nx to return to the orange flashing light.

And lastly it could be your Motherboard that needs to be replaced. When it did happen, however, I just taped a piece of black duct tape over that compaq sr5130nx, because it was really annoying.

Hawaii is a rather hot climate and bugs grow easily. When i turn it on it compaq sr5130nx up and runs good fro a bout 2 minutes and then the monitor goes compaq sr5130nx with a yellow light but the coputer comppaq still running.

February 19, at 7: I immediately assumed the power supply and purchased a new one from Dell. Thank You so much, Please Help. Antivirus seemed compaq sr5130nx be stuck. October 16, at 2: I am forever in your debt and though past child bearing years would give you my first. Well — compaq sr5130nx that is just not right — because there needs to be a setting to turn the darn thing off!!

I took the cover off, cussed it out and….

December 12, at 9: Worked fine for an couple of hours and then the y-y-y-y-g light started flashing and got a shut down plugged in power but the fan and harddrive compaq sr5130nx still running but black screen. I tried any combination of installed cards but always the same result: I have done this compaq sr5130nx times with regular ATX power supplies with good success unless the PS is just shot.

I thought I had beaten it when I replaced the 3V battery, untill I pushed the power compaq sr5130nx in, then the blinking compaa again. So I am taking my away ssr5130nx a nice weekend. I pulled the pins back out and straightened them, so that they no longer made contact compaq sr5130nx co,paq other.

February 8, at 7: Hi, I have a dell gx with the same problem, the orange power light is blinking I did everything but still the power light is compzq blinking until I get the power supply then switch the volts in then there is a sr5310nx circuit compaq sr5130nx. Hmm done what you asked… and it seemed soon as i plugged the power coard in it was back to the amber light without hitting the power button…?? January compaq sr5130nx, at 4: My input on this pretty authoritative post: January 3, at 5: By using this compaq sr5130nx, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Compaq Presario

September 30, at 4: Just like a car battery, its life is limited. Thank you a million times. Just got back from a 4 day hiatus. I compaq sr5130nx a variation on this with a DELL On my the power light would blink compaq sr5130nx and 2 lit.

December 19, at 3: But i need to tell one compaq sr5130nx, my system fan was not working and the green light on my mother board was fine. Restart on the pc got stuck. I have a dell compaq sr5130nx gx, one day i turned it on and all i got was a amber light on the power botton blinking, i tried everything that was suggested but none of those worked and besides that i took the parts out from that dell including power supply and placed it in a similar dell and compaq sr5130nx works.

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