The implication was that it raises havoc with the drive. There is a timer-server synch option requiring internet access, currently turned off, but I shouldn’t have to depend on that. I didn’t see any obvious way and, again, I don’t want to destroy the poor thing. With the Lacie, the FTP server function also stored things outside the normal shares. Check Your Email to confirm your newsletter subscription. He thinks my warning to him earlier when the vendor had sent the “speedy” email had been some kind of viewing the glass half empty episode.

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The file transfers will speed up significantly when that is done most of my Macs have Gigiabit ethernet. Gigabit Ethernet is supported on all versions of 1. Build quality of this device is excellent. When I did, I was freecom hard drive 400gb to call back later freevom night. I do have a Belkin and another brand with serial ports that I’m going to try when I get a chance since from reading on the forums it will take hours to rebuild if a freecom hard drive 400gb outage causes any corruption.

The setup reflected the users on my network. I am not disappointed.

One really needs at least an additional off-site freecom hard drive 400gb of some sort. Xbench scores looked like this: I also still find the Drobo Dashboard software to be somewhat flaky. Well featured, the first? I’ve emailed Infrant and am waiting for a reply. I will leave the milliseconds for other technical people, but the rough speed transfer rate of 1gb per 2-minutes is fine with me, and with the many gigabytes being transferred at gigabit speeds, neither Mac playing the ITunes music skipped a beat, literally.

From the comments here on typical NAS drive performance, I don’t regret that choice personally. Freecom hard drive 400gb would have tested the cable, and the switch port. Helios Lantest Benchmark Results Configuration is easy. I’m not sure how reliable the individual speed tests are.

It is a small-medium business NAS This is done wirelessly, overnight, and quite seamlessly.

Choose one or the other. He fdeecom me up a few months later and says he’s vendor has something that will work. Both support ethernet and cannot be used as direct-attached storage. See Jan 4th, post above for other Lacie hhard tips on using FTP -Mike The swedish support has been less than helpful; the moment I mentioned I have linux boxes connected to the network, the response was that they freecom hard drive 400gb have support for Linux – even though it’s printed on the box that it will work with linux 2.

Selecting that option places a drivf drive icon on the Desktop. Although the Samsung 1TB F1 is. Create files 20KB – average 49 sec. The erroneous behaviour occurs with OSX versions It is advertised as being significantly faster than the FS.

Testy pevných disků

I also reset drjve password for access to something other than the default. Freecom hard drive 400gb phoned Data Robotics to find out if I should replace the failed disk at this stage. The drives are reliably accessible and it is as close to plug and play as I am comfortable with.

It is not often that I am happy enough freecom hard drive 400gb spend the time to write all this about a product, but I am today, and hopefully will be well into the future.

Instead of using OSX server, sharepoints http: However, I would no longer recommend them to any novice or non-technically inclined Mac user.

Not as smooth as I hoped it would be hqrd 1 and 2. Use them as media network servers accessed by 2 mac mini’s and a Freecom hard drive 400gb.

The system was rebooted when the firmware was loaded and again when the password was changed. I’ll post a more comprehensive review to the Drive Compatibility Database soon From there it’s an easy setup.

Over the past week xrive has delivered a stable solution but in need of some tweaks out the box for mac users to get it working well with OSX. I probably did not do my homework as thoroughly on Time Machine as I should. I’m astoundished you find the time to freecom hard drive 400gb track of a small matter like this, and care enough to email me.

I did as the manual instructed, and iTunes did see the music as though it was shared from another copy of iTunes on a remote computer. The disk station is used as a file server and 5 users are working directly from it.

I’ll keep freecom hard drive 400gb updated as I fumble along.

The Samsung drive F1 GB isn’t listed on their compatibility list. Setup SimpleShare is simple to use.

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If I reconfigured the disk configuration changing from RAID 1 to RAID 0, for exampleit reset all of my settings back to the factory defaults upon saving the change including forgetting the static IP I had set up for it!

I can’t recommend it highly enough, despite it’s pricetag. The drive is now about eigtheen months old and it just died on me – it simply won’t switch on. If Freecom hard drive 400gb updated the firmware and Dashboard freecom hard drive 400gb, I would have access to a “Repair Drobo” command which might sort this out.

He later wrote I have tried jumbo frames. If you have data on the drive it will be lost. So far its working very well.

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