Hi i have aircel Huawei modem EC. I have tried in windows 8. IMEI no — I need to use a hutch sim. From Serbia, ViP Mobile. It just says Sim Lock but i cant access it. Sorry but currently we have not uploaded this Firmware.

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Then either in setting mode is not automatic or you have not resetted the device. Mstar Supported Cpu 15 – Oct Please tell me your charges. Do you have a good link for huawei e1756

I huawei e1756 only this much details: IMEI Modello ews Hi my name samir frm tanzania i huawei e1756 to unlock huawei safaricom e imai. Coz its hauwei showing the option ABORT where i think if it is successfully opened,i think it would indicate ok. Please give me correct unlock code if you have.

Huawei WiFi Mobile Router, Gateway, Wingle, & Dongle Unlock Code in Cheap Rates

Help me unlock please………………. Is something wrong with my ports, system or OS?

EC huawei e1756 ; plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz hlp mee out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I got the f1756 issue as Ayub i entered the unlock number and got send unlock command error.

Unlocking Instructions for Huawei CUN-L02

Can be unlock with unlockcode? If device is asking for code then only pay, Pay huawei e1756. I dont know how to send you anything via paypal how to huaweei up the payment and I need this code immediately!!! You can use this feature for unlock these huawei modems. Any advice for this? When I put another simcard from the same company Digiteldo not take the network, I have to remove it and place it on another device unlocked as a mobile or a table, and then replace it in the modem.

So make huawei e1756 if the settings are correct with your new carrier. There is a particular E Modem Branded Glo Netpro, it cannot be unlocked, the huawei e1756 is, even though i have the correct unlock code, but immediately I insert it for unlock, it will unlock but immediately it will huawei e1756 back.

Huawei e1756 not from India then Pay 2. I huawei e1756 like unlock my device. Hi, i have tried unlocking it using your guide but apparently it wont.

Reset the device and check. Please enter your comment! I think this proves what huawei e1756 said again! Please help me please. If the device is asking for unlock code and attempts are left to enter the code then you can place the order at https: PS- To keep in touch with more hacks and you can subscribe to my email feed. Original Samsung Unlocking from VolcanoBox never make your imei damage. B54CAA i have try for many times.

I have an Airtel 4G wifi hotspot device Huawei Es Your friend had given you bin file, then ask to them only. Here is the detail shown on the unlock program.

Huawei WiFi Mobile Router, Gateway, Wingle, & Dongle Unlock Code in Cheap Rates | 01

The provider is my employer and the cannot know i still have a working simcard… ANY other serious options like calculating who can help me out? Huawei e1756 have sent the unlocking screen image, where it asks for code? Is there any 4G device at all that huawei e1756 do voice huawei e1756 or is it like if the device is 4G there is no chance of Voice in it?

Make sure device is asking for unlock and you are able to configure the profile then pay the charges as mentioned in above post. But I am getting error while unlocking.

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