United States English English. Parts listing Page 94 – Assembly 1: Printer information label The printer information labels A Figure 1 are located beside the power button on the inside of the printer and the on the front right edge of the main cover. Bar codes SureMark printers can generate these bar codes: This section provides an illustration and text describing the parts of the fiscal logic assembly.

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Toshiba Global Commerce Solutions may not offer the products, services, or features discussed in this document in other countries. For more information, please refer to the section on LPR below.

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Press down on the side of the interface card opposite the tab until the blue release button slider snaps into place. There might be more than one Printer Data Stream listed for a particular printer model, which indicates that the printer model supports multiple printer emulation modes.

Table Of Contents Removing the fiscal tray While grasping the paper door cover and holding the retention tabs outward, ibm 4610 suremark the paper door cover toward the front of the printer until it stops; To install the program memory, complete the following steps: Not enough information is known about ibm 4610 suremark printer data streams used by this printer inm know whether they are host-based.

Delivery times are estimates only and sellers are not responsible for service transit times. For information on how to sureamrk a fiscal tray ibm 4610 suremark a fiscal ready printer with an IBM business partners fiscal solution installed, see the documentation provided by the IBM business partner.

Summary of off-line test menus The following table describes the ibm 4610 suremark test menu and sub-menu items. Product Recycling And Disposal Product recycling and disposal This unit must be recycled or discarded ibm 4610 suremark to applicable local suremaro national regulations. If not, install the shield before continuing. Open the static-protective package and grasp the card by the edges and remove it from the package.

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This document contains information on the capabilities that are supported ibm 4610 suremark the printer hardware. Suremakr print quality still does not improve, call for service. Pex2s 2 Port Serial Card Country specific ibm 4610 suremark Page 92 Page 93 – Appendix C. For information on printers from other manufacturers, please refer to the following documents: A list of supported paper and suppliers are available from the IBM Web site.

A versatile serial solution, the PCI serial card lets you add 4 ports using only a single standard profile PCI slot on the system. suremzrk

The terms PostScript 2PostScript 2 emulationPostScript 3 ibm 4610 suremark, and PostScript 3 emulation typically refer to an emulated version of the PostScript printer language, but they might also be used when a printer uses true Adobe PostScript support.

Single Serial Pci – Low The IBM SureMark Model 1NF point-of-sale fiscal ready printer is a high-performance printer is based on IBM technologies, incorporating a fiscal ready solution developed by IBM business partners world wide having features and components that differ from the Model 1NF point-of-sale fiscal ibm 4610 suremark.

IBM SureMark 4610 1NF Hardware Service Manual

Notices IBM representative ibm 4610 suremark information on the products and services currently available in your area. Turn the printer over and install ivm flex cable connector onto the logic cards connector.

suremwrk Grasp both sides of the paper door cover and use your thumbs to press outward on the cover retention tabs A as shown in Figure While supporting the printhead with one hand use a screwdriver with a magnetic-head to remove the mounting screws A Figure 26 ; then, lift the printhead partially out of the printer. Ibm 4610 suremark to this Manuals Your Name.

To remove the thermal printhead, complete the following steps: Installing the fiscal base on a fiscal ready printer To install ibm 4610 suremark fiscal base on a fiscal ready printer, complete the following steps: RS ibm 4610 suremark The RS interface supports systems with the following operating systems: Surplus Traders offers flat rate repair on Barcode and POS equipment as well as other digital and industrial machinery.

Dot matrix, line matrix, impact, ink jet, and thermal label printers usually support only one printer emulation mode at a surrmark.

Taiwan Class A compliance statement Appendix B. In some cases, information suremagk a particular printer model is based solely on what has ibm 4610 suremark shown to work with other similar printer models. Do not place the device onto the cover of the system or onto a metal table.

Remove the fiscal base from the bottom of the printer. Remove the long leg ibm 4610 suremark the lift spring B in Figure 33 on page 60 from the mounting slot. Incorporating a fiscal solution developed by Toshiba business partners world wide having features and components that differ from the Model 1NF point-of-sale fiscal printer.

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