Was this answer helpful? Transfer Paper is placed over the OPC drum surface and an electric charge is applied to it from the back side by the transfer roller, so that the toner image is transferred to the paper. The manual has been prepared for use by the maintenance personnel. Tom K , Asst. Then, after passed through the Duplex unit by the transport roller that is located on the transport path inside the Duplex unit, the paper is fed along the paper feed route of the Duplex unit to eventually merge the same route that comes from the tray. Turning OFF the printer power and disconnecting the power cord Note!

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When did you oki c5800l update the printer driver software? This roller fixes a toner image by heat and pressure. If it is found stained, wipe it clean. Take out okki belt unit, turn the drive gear located oki c5800l the left rear side, and ensure that the belt surface has been cleaned thoroughly.

Is there anything I can do? Shielded cable oki c5800l shall be used. Figure represents the configuration of the printer. Dust explosion could cause burns. Charging A voltage is applied to the charging roller, which is placed in contact with the OPC drum surface, to charge the OPC drum surface.

On a c5800l, will not start up. Is there a fuse or such that…

Just let me say that this encounter has been entirely professional and most helpful. Automatic start timing of density correction: On the C equipped with the built-in type oki c5800l disk optionaldo not outright turn off the power, but follow the procedure described below. Ok what has happened is the machine has been hit with a power surge which oki c5800l more than likely blown a part. Ask Your Question D5800l It!

John Computer Science Engineer 5, satisfied customers. As the lift-up oki c5800l rotates Clockwise turnthe lift-up link slides to the left, causing the ID units to come down, as can be seen in Figure Pressing ON of the power switch The following indication will be produced on the operator panel, and [Online] will appear when the printer has started oki c5800l completely.

Tom KAsst.

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Do not work with the image drum floating in the air. Therefore, forcible oki c5800l correction will have to be performed in the self-diagnostic oki c5800l Subsection 5. Please click on Accept C580l so I will receive recognition for answering your question or post back here if you need more help.

Was this answer helpful? As shown in Figurethe solenoid is turned OFF and the oki c5800l is transported by register roller L. Windows 7; Windows 7 x64; Windows 8; Windows 8 oki cl driver Windows 8.

They truly know what they are talking about, and they actually care about you. The amount of toner consumed is calculated from oki c5800l count value, and the remaining amount of toner is thus indicated. Windows 7; Windows 7 x64; Oki cl driver 8; Windows 8 x64; Windows 8.

Sudipto Engineer 1, satisfied customers. You can also use it as an OKI driver remover or removal tool to. I have MX printer oki c5800l yellow cartridge is oki c5800l up but not. Your email address will not be published.

Namely, the printer is readied for monochrome print. Therefore, forcible color drift oki c5800l will have to be performed in the self-diagnostic mode Subsection 5.

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Figure C5080l flow Page: As illustrated in Figurewhen the fuser motor rotates Clockwise turnthe cover- opening gear rotates, causing the color drift sensor and density sensor cover to open. Figure shows the motions of the different ID units when oki c5800l printer is operated for monochromeprint. Such action could lead to an electric shock or fire.

The electric charge of the radiated part of oki c5800l OPC drum surface attenuates depending on the intensity of the light, thus forming an electrostatic oki c5800l image on the OPC drum surface. Oki cl driver Oki cl driver Oki cl driver Operating System: Oki cl driver Operating System: If the above indication appears, check to see whether the toner is running short, based on an NG-issuing color. Namely, the printer is readied for color print.

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