What was wrong with the old screen? Shan April 27, After I let it cool, it came back and was functioning fine, though except for the ongoing video display problem. Al B June 21, If so, could you help me do that?

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I finally got around to replacing the screen. Any help will be greatly appreciated…I am in deep trouble due to this problem. I managed to break one of the pins off the part with the lcd connects to the motherboard.

Any help would be great! Hannah May 30, Shamesh August 25, Shan April 27, I reinstalled the old screen so I could return the defective one and now this screen is not working sony vaio pcg 7t1l So what shall i do?

I correctly inserted data cable and inverter cable. Now plug sony vaio pcg 7t1l the AC adapter pct try turning it on again. I was shocked to see there is no difference with the new LCD. Put it back together. What is your laptop model number? Sometimes updating the laptop BIOS to the latest version can help. RAUL April 20, I would try replacing the inverter board again and if sony vaio pcg 7t1l problem still exists, replace the screen.

Can you test the laptop with an external monitor? Johan December 23, sony vaio pcg 7t1l This is my guess. Have you tried reconnecting the video cable on the motherobard or video card? First of all, make sure the new LCD screen is compatible with the old video cable.

Make sure to order the right one. Raf October 21, Rafael May 1, The left portion of the screen is good but pcf other parts some are black and some with other sony vaio pcg 7t1l with no clear image.

In this mode only the basic VGA driver is pccg.

New screen installed but not working | Laptop Repair

I assume that all new parts you installed are good. Sony vaio pcg 7t1l, the new screen is not compatible sony vaio pcg 7t1l the old one. I dropped my Dell Inspiron from about 2 feet on the tile floor.

Take it apart, connections solid. Disconnect the new LCD and install the old damaged one back in place. I take it apart to check connections. Maybe you accidentally damaged pins inside the connector. Thanks for your good help.

The screen is powering up, but not receiving image or signal from the computer. What was wrong with the old screen? Got another… different model but same connectors, size, specs. But the new screen does not therefore the sodder gaio wont allow the video connector to slide into the connector.

Repairing LCD is not something you can do it yourself. If the original screen lights up, apparently the new screen has defective backlight lamp.

New screen installed but not working

When I unplug and plug the monitor cable you can see the video momentarily. Maybe you accidentally bent some pins while replacing the cable. Michael February 7, This is not backlight or inverter related problem. I tried to plug in the old monitor and the same thing happend.

If the same stripes appear sony vaio pcg 7t1l both, internal and external screens, you spny a bad video card. What could be the problem? Try sonu the cable, so it makes good contact with the screen.

I think I broke the video connector while I replace the new screen. I gave the right part number to the vendor, but maybe I just got a bad replacement screen. 77t1l recently replaced the screens on to sony vaio pcg 7t1l V Laptops doing so I damaged one of the inverter boards somehow bent 2 of the 6 sony vaio pcg 7t1l in the plug on the card.

Remove the keyboard and reconnect the cable. Disconnecting the video cable from the motherboard will eliminate the entire LCD assemble and help you to narrow down the problem.

This is driving me crazy to say the least.

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