Hi…What an amazing find!!!! I seemed to have messed up the cable that goes from the touchpad into the motherboard. Happily made a donation: Apparenly, the motherboard has bad solder joints somewhere and when you move the laptop, you basically flexing the motherboard causing the failure. That is a steal!!!!! You saved my wifes computer…. Any lawyers out there considering a class action suit?

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Tested with a multimeter and found my power cable died, got a new one.

Sendo Sendo X hard reset. I took it apart today and I fixed it by simply putting a piece of styrofoam between the top cover and the loose original power connector. When I started to go for the third time, I noticed it as soon as I removed the cover. As mentioned, the AC adapter fits toshiba portege m900 snugly in the jack. Make sure the video cable is properly plugged into the motherboard. Wondering if portee guys can help. Hold down the Fn key and at the same time press once on the F9 key.

Just got the DVD out literally 2 minutes after I posted. Thanks for the toshiba portege m900 up. In the process of taking apart the Toshiba LD-S the last time, I seemed to have messed up the cable that goes from the touchpad into the motherboard. I heard of toshiba portege m900 guy who had a little ball of tin wandering inside the notebook due to a non isolated wire welding that ended in a costly motherboard replacement.

By the way, most of the Radio Shack stores had that part in stock.

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Plugged it up works like a champ. Does this sound like toshiba portege m900 damaged power jack issue before I attempt to tohsiba this. Keep track of the screws, I had one of the 30 or so without a hole…. I think i know what it is.

M Series, M series, M Series. Thanks for the fix. Did not even take time to price the two toshiba parts.

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I toshiba portege m900 it on my LD. Thanks for the great guide! Hi did everything step by step to the letter T now getting an error message thats says can not connect all drives when I click on the ballon takes me to a device manager which says memory toshib cannot connect and it assigned toshiba portege m900 the drive letter Z …. I guess you purchased a wrong jack.

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Thanks so much for the help. After I replaced the jack, it still toshiba portege m900 not charge so I cut open the power card close to the connector and discovered a loose solder on the ground wire in the power card.

If your laptop has no video after re-assembly, always check RAM modules first. Once you have done that, you can continue with the directions as smooth as silk. Total work time about 1 tshiba. This allowed me to screw the DC jack into the case itself and also secure it from the inside with the supplied nut.

toshiba portege m900

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It was a bad adapter and a very weak batteryl Luckily for me we have mm900 of these computers toshiba portege m900 form Santa a few years ago. I toshiba portege m900 got an alternative fixing of the jack if you cant get the metal jack. I thought my laptop was done, and now it is better than new.

Taking the computer apart was the hardest part! First off, thank you so much for this guide! Should I be concerned toshiba portege m900 the cord is wobbly in the base again so soon?

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