See Table and Figure for printhead assembly and printhead cable. Diagnostics This test is performed only when sensor assemblies are replaced or if a manual calibration fails. Page 12 13 Print mechanism and mounting hardware only. No lubricating agents of any kind are required on this printer. Ribbon Supply Spindle Adjustment Page 44 When performing the self tests in Peel-Off Mode, remove the labels as they become available. Carefully pry the front of the power supply base downward to remove the assembly.

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This manual also for: Page zebra stripe s600 Ribbon Zebra stripe s600 Instructions Zebra Technologies Corporation reserves the right to correct any such errors and disclaims liability resulting therefrom. Checks for proper media loading. Close the main and front doors, and restore power if previously turned off.

Page strkpe Supplies are warranted to be free from defect in material and workmanship for a period of six 6 months for media and twelve zegra months for ribbon from the date zebra stripe s600 shipment by Zebra.

Page 79 Table lists a recommended cleaning schedule showing the area, method, and interval for cleaning the printer. The cutter option field-installable. The printer first runs through a Power-On Self Test, then prints the configuration label. Install Zebra printers on a solid, zfbra surface of sufficient size and strength to accommodate zebrs physical dimensions and weight of the unit. RTS is active zebra stripe s600 voltage when the printer is On l.

Reinstall the three mounting screws, making sure the mounting screw in the upper right-hand side of the main logic board goes through the braided ground strap first.

Zebra stripe s600 Sensor Adjustment L Zebrz. When label is removed, printing resumes. Labels are printed zebra stripe s600 individually cut. Detach the control panel ribbon cable from the main logic board J Ribbon appears to slow down or stop. Run the Pause Key Self Test to check print quality. Place the media roll on the media supply hanger eand thread the zebra stripe s600 through the printhead assembly as shown.

ZPL was sent to printer, but not recognized. Strkpe 10 If you discover shipping damage: Adjust screw until the tension is equal on the left and right sides of the rewind power roller and the liner tracking is maintained. If all the LEDs are on, send another label format.

Zebra Stripe S400 User Manual

Bar Codes Zebra recommends performing the cleaning procedure when installing a new roll of ribbon, when installing a new roll of direct thermal media, or after zebra stripe s600 printed feet m of continuous or fanfold media.

Or, perform a manual calibration. Strip Plate Tear-0ff Plate Figure Reconnect all ribbon and wire harness cables. Save the new communication settings by pressing MODE four times. Page They should point directly at one another. Page zebra stripe s600 not Ztripe During this test sequence, the front panel lights turn on and off to ensure proper operation.

Page 59 See Figure Page Bearings item pictured here are installed this way for zebra stripe s600 only. Specific a600 procedures are provided on the following pages.

Zebra stripe s600 the media guide until it just touches the outer edge of the media and liner without causing the material to buckle. With the end of the media zera directly on top of the zdbra roller, close the head-open lever. Refer to Figure Peel Option and Peel Drive System Page 42 Do not use ribbon that is zebra stripe s600 than the media. Turn the power Off Oand install the cutter module.

Drivers by Seagull for Windows XP | BarTender by Seagull Scientific

Page Refer to Figure on page Or, visit our web site at www. Zebra Stripe S Maintenance Manual pages. Reinstall the three screws securing the main logic board to the main frame. Close and latch the printhead. Lower the upper cutter zebra stripe s600 guard back to its normal position. Figure on page Label Motion Figure Page 28 On active—positive voltage or Off inactive—negative voltage.

Turn the cutter mounting screw b zebra stripe s600 a screwdriver or by hand in a counterclockwise direction until it is loose. Don’t show me this message again. Page 13 Figure Page 39 Adjust the media guide until it just touches the outer edge of the media and liner without causing the material to buckle. Zebra stripe s600 the board off the front snaps.

Table on page for the S Page It is not necessary to remove the main door or the front door if installing only the memory upgrade kit.

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